Travelers in the Soviet periodUnion

The history of mankind has a lot of documented
facts that show the real existence of such
phenomenon, as the movement of living and nonliving objects in time. ABOUT
the appearance of strange people, mechanisms and machines tell
the ancient Egyptian chronicles and chronicles of the Middle Ages, the documents of the new
and modern times.

How the Soviet programmer was in the XIX century

The Tobolsk archives keep the case of a certain Krapivin Sergey
Dmitrievich, which is August 28, 1897. delayed on the street
city ​​policeman. Guards order seemed suspicious appearance and
unusual behavior of a middle-aged man. Detained right there
was taken to the station. During the interrogation that followed
the police were quite surprised by the information shared with
them Krapivin. According to him, it appeared that he was born on April 14
1965 in the East Siberian city of Angarsk (the history of Angarsk
started in 1945.). ABOUTчень странным показался полицейским и род
Occupation Krapivina – PC operator. ABOUTбъяснить, как он очутился в
Tobolsk, the detainee could not. According to the man, before this he
his head became very sick, and then he lost consciousness. ABOUTчнувшись,
Sergey Dmitrievich found himself in a completely unfamiliar place,
small church.

A suspicious man was called a doctor who examined and
listened to Krapivin, after which he acknowledged his quiet insanity.
At the insistence of Dr. Sergey Dmitrievich placed in a town house
grief …

Imperial Japan soldier falls into Soviet hands

Military sailor in and the legendary city of Sevastopol Ivan Pavlovich
Zalygin has been studying the phenomenon for the past fifteen years.
movement in time. The captain of the second rank became interested in it
a phenomenon after one mysterious case, a witness and a participant
which he became in the late 1980s. Then Ivan Pavlovich served
on a diesel submarine in the position of her deputy

During the next training campaign submarine, which
was in the neutral waters of the La Pérouse Strait, hit the terrible
thunderstorm. By order of the commander, she surfaced, and watch
the sailor immediately reported that he saw right along the course of the unidentified
watercraft. ABOUTказалось, что это спасательная лодка, на борту
which was a half-frozen frostbite, in the form of a Japanese
naval sailor during the second world. During the inspection of personal belongings
rescued divers discovered prize parabellum and documents
issued to the Japanese sailor on September 14, 1940.

ABOUTбо всем этом доложили на базу, и командование приказало лодке
go to the South Sakhalin port, where counterintelligence agents were already waiting for her.
The crew members of the submarine gave the GRU staff a subscription of
non-disclosure of information for ten years.

Soviet pilots temporarily lost in the past

In 1976 летчик советских ВВС В.ABOUTрлов поведал о том, что видел
under the wing of its MiG-25 military ground operations that
seemed to him very strange. The scientists checked the descriptions of the pilot and
understood that this is about the Battle of Gettysburg (USA), which took place in

In 1985, while flying over Africa, another military pilot saw
instead of savanna desert with many trees and grazing on
lawns … dinosaurs.

In 1986 Soviet pilot A.Ustimov, performing the task, with
amazed, he realized that he was flying over the territory of ancient Egypt! ..
according to the pilot, he saw one fully built pyramid and
the foundations of others with swarming near human figures.

Soviet tankers capture Napoleon’s soldier

In the IP Zalygin card file there is a case that occurred in 1944.
near the Gulf of Finland. Somebody told about him Vasily Troshev
who fought on the North-Western Front in the 3rd Panzer Army. There were battles
for the liberation of Estonia. Reconnaissance tank division,
commanded by Captain Troshev, stumbled across a forest in
a group of strangely dressed cavalrymen: such a form could be seen
only in the history book. At the sight of tanks unusual cavalry
in a panic fled. After a short chase, our fighters detained
one of the riders who, as it turned out, spoke French.
Knowing about the resistance movement, our tank crews decided that before
they are a participant in this movement.

The cavalryman was taken to the army headquarters. Found an officer who
once taught French to interrogate the “partisan”.
In the very first minutes of the conversation, both the translator and the staff officers came to
complete bewilderment, as the man claimed that he was a cuirassier
Napoleonic army. ABOUTстатки его полка две недели отступают из
Moscow and trying to get out of the environment, but a couple of days ago
lost in a strong fog. Cuirassier admitted that he had a cold and
very hungry. On the question of the year of his birth he said:
1772th …

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