Treasure of gold coins discovered in Georgia duringfuneral

In Georgia, there is the unremarkable village of Bandza, which,
nevertheless, recently became famous at first in the whole district,
then to the whole country, and now they are already talking about it in almost everything
Runet, not counting the Georgian news portals themselves.

The fact is that it was here that an amazing event occurred,
worthy of humorous pictures of Georgian filmmakers,
who most talentedly shot exactly such life
the plots bordering on the most witty jokes.

And there was the following, in general, a criminal event.
The grave diggers, digging the grave for the next deceased woman in the village,
suddenly came across a real treasure – from old gold coins
coinage. However, men did not act as it should by law under
finding treasures, that is, they did not contact the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, but
appropriated values. Some of them they sold on the black market for 4
thousands of dollars, and some of it was given to the family of the deceased for some reason:
it was considered that the treasure was not by chance, and
потому funeralенная на месте клада женщина может отвести от них
suspicion, if that’s the way to pay off.

But even this tricky move did not save crooks from criminal
liability: the police received an anonymous phone call,
after which law enforcement officers opened a criminal case on this case.
�“Lucky Treasure Seekers” face criminal liability, while
relatives of the deceased who received gold coins from diggers
the graves are most likely awaiting only reprimand from the authorities,
since all the gold (ancient coins) they immediately gave to the local
the museum. True, the museum staff never managed to
rejoice, nor study the coins, as they were already confiscated
by the police.

The real value of the treasure has not yet been determined, but workers
the museum was told to media journalists that the coins are old and valuable
they are certainly significantly higher than the nominal value of gold. TO
Unfortunately, the police may not find traces of buyers of this gold,
Moreover, such specialists, as a rule, are well versed in
artifacts and ancient treasures, even if they were paid by the hapless
Treasure seekers are practically pennies (this is their usual handwriting of working with
non-professionals) …

In this whole story, one more fact remains mysterious.
bordering on mysticism: someone called the police officers about
hoard? TOак сообщают сами работники МВД, установить, откуда пришел
the call failed, although it was from a mobile phone …

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