Tree-eater of the brazilian jungle

Brazil is a country of incredible adventures and fabulous wealth.
On its territory, archaeologists and still find the remains of the once
giants inhabiting this land. Indians, shamans, the air itself – everything
here it is extraordinarily mysterious and attractive …

However, the Brazilian forests keep such mysteries and secrets about
which is not to say out loud and show off to them
curious tourists.

We all know about the existence of a multitude of anomalous zones on Earth,
which are characterized by unexplained phenomena and events. One of
Such zones are located in the Amazonian jungle. There are places where and
Today, some prospectors rush to search for gold.

About ten years ago, a group of gold miners also decided
try here happiness. However, the local ideological shaman warned
it’s impossible to wash gold in these parts. Here, they say, is growing
the magic tree that the god of the underworld planted himself and
who does not like to interfere with the natural harmony of nature …

The shaman, of course, did not obey. And at first everything went well,
until the cocaine-trading gangsters who decided at the same time
put a paw on the gold. Among the miners was a man (conditionally
let’s call him John) who was woken up on that fateful day
shots. Realizing what happened, John under the fire of machine guns rushed
to run.

As it turned out, he was the only one
gold miners who survived. The bandits did not intend to
to miss the witness and therefore haunted him. Side of that
was hit by a bullet, and from the wound, though not serious, flowed all the time
blood. The fugitive quickly lost strength and finally collapsed on exhaustion
the earth. John had no doubt that his death was near: he heard
his pursuers are breaking through the thicket. Soon, three armed
gangsters emerged from the forest. They could immediately finish off their victim
but somehow hesitated …

Tree-eater rescuers prospector

John looked up, wanted to look at the sky for the last time – but
instead he saw an unimaginable picture. Tree branches under
which stopped the killers, began to move in a strange way. They
in general were very unusual – with red leaves that resembled
the shape of the brush of human hands, and fruits, surprisingly similar to
human heads.

Like snakes, the branches rushed down and instantly spun around.
gangsters. After a few minutes, their heart-rending cries subsided. John
was in deep shock and did not even remember how much time passed
before the tree “spit out” the bones of his recent pursuers.
At the sight of this spectacle, the man woke up and rushed away from the terrible

A few days later he reached the human settlement.
Интересно, что John так и не сумел вспомнить, как при нем оказалось
gold mined, albeit slightly, but real capital. Afterwards
this man got to his feet, that is, succeeded in business, bought a house,
started a family. That’s just the Brazilian jungle, he never again
was stuck. Nevertheless, they still dreamed about him for a long time, and then he
woke up in a cold sweat …

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