Trees are able to communicate, emotions and othermanifestations of intelligent life

Everyone knows that trees clean the atmosphere, absorbing
carbon dioxide, and thus bring the person invaluable benefits.
Despite their immobility, they live very intensely,
rich life. Scientists have found many interesting facts
concerning our good green friends. About some of them we tell you
will tell.

Trees know how to communicate

According to the French botanist Francis Halle, more
half a century of studying trees, these amazing creatures
communicate with the help of smells. To transmit information, they combine
various smells like how we build phrases from
single words. Trees address their messages to each other, and
insects and even herbivores.

When attacking them, trees send an alarm signal, highlighting
special aromatic enzymes to which they react
�”brethren”. The leaves of the trees at the same time become unpleasant.
toxic taste in order to scare away herbivores.

According to Susanna Simard, an environmental professor, trees can
transfer each other essential nutrients that helps
survive some of them. Thanks to the networks created by symbiotic
mushrooms, mature trees in the forest ecosystem feed young
plants and pass them carbon and water. Suzanne Simard was
The theory about the so-called. �”Matriarchs” – the most powerful and large
trees, around which the young are formed. If maternal
the tree dies, the chances of survival of young wilderness strongly
are decreasing.

Trees can sleep

Like people, trees rest at night, the combined proved
a team of Austrian, Finnish and Hungarian researchers. For this
scientists resorted to laser scanning with infrared light,
which is reflected from the leaves.

It turned out that all the trees during the night lowered the branches,
while changing the position of the leaves. The changes are not very large:
so, trees, having an average of 5 meters height, lower the branches
only 10 centimeters. However, this process is systematic

Trees can heal themselves

Trees are not known to use the services of doctors, and therefore
they are themselves doctors. There is a mechanism that allows
tree isolate the damaged part. In the case of local
damage as quickly as possible blocks vital
conductive systems, and individual sections stop receiving
tree sap and water. In summary, if the harmful microorganisms and
will fall into the “wound”, they will not be able to spread throughout
to the plant.

Trees use bodyguards

For obvious reasons, it is difficult for trees to stand up for themselves, however
their nature rewarded with some means of protection. There are trees
who “hire” in bodyguards a whole army of insects. TO
For example, in tropical forests in Africa and South America grows
Acacia species providing optimal conditions for the life of ants:
powerful thorns growing along the trunk serve as an excellent refuge for
these, and the special nectar produced by the plant is nutritious
a mixture. For their part, the ants jealously guard the plant,
attacking other insects and even herbivores.

Trees feel and remember

Ученый из США TOлив Бакстер экспериментально доказал, что
plants react to human actions and thoughts.

During the experiment, one of the plants was trampled in the presence of
another, which previously attached a polygraph. Then in
the room where the “witness to the crime” was located, one by one
go in people. And when the person who destroyed the first
bush, the device recorded in the second emotion of fear, while
the rest of the plant did not respond.

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