Triangular materialized over FranceUFO

The following video was taken on January 19
this year, a resident of the commune of Le Bose, which is located on
southeastern France. Who wished to remain anonymous man
says that he came out late in the evening to the garden to look at
sky. There, an eyewitness suddenly saw an unidentified flying object.
triangular shape. UFO имел зеленый цвет и сравнительно слабо
glowed, shimmering like a giant emerald. Any
the sounds of the mysterious aircraft did not emit.

Our hero, struck by what he saw, got out of
Pocket smartphone and captured the anomaly in a short video. �”Flying
the plate “then disappeared with lightning speed. Frenchman sure speech
can’t go about an airplane, helicopter, satellite, drone or
spotlight. Unidentified object hung low enough over
ground and then just evaporated in the air as if it had become invisible
or in the blink of an eye somewhere teleported. The author of the video
отмечает, что чувствовал при наблюдении UFO какую-то неприятную
sticky anxiety, as if a multitude of eyes were watching him. According to
men, these eyes were certainly not human. Moreover, the Frenchman
прекрасно осознавал, что ему лишь позволяют снимать UFO, хотя, при
the slightest desire of these “invisible eyes”, his smartphone would be
disabled in the blink of an eye …

The material that the author of the video sent to representatives
the largest ufological community “Mutual UFO Network”, quickly
scattered across the world wide web. Professionals and ordinary users
Networks began to build various theories regarding what
demonstrates this mysterious record. Many commentators
согласились с тем, что это был UFO. Skeptics considered that
the video is too poor quality, and it was possible to create a similar effect,
let’s say, hanging a triangular piece of green foil on a black background,
выдаваемый за ночное sky.

Against the background of all opinions expressed, I would like to quote

I believe the author, usually it happens, that is, the aliens only
allow us to shoot them, and allow within the framework of the quality
photos and videos that they need, not us. In this case, the operator itself
at the same time, this “pressure” often feels very good, which is why
often not even shared with anyone the information received, but in this
case – seeks to protect themselves as much as possible, hiding his name.
Aliens and the higher powers of any spiritual practice have something
common, so the person and the feeling that he was faced
with something mystical, and not purely technical, albeit
alien …

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