Triangular object flying near the ship�”Dragon”

December 8 reusable unmanned transport vehicle
�”Dragon”, принадлежащий частной американской компании «SpaceX»,
made a successful flight to the International Space Station. Crew
ISS under the direction of the German astronaut Alexander Gersta
used the station’s mechanical “arm” to grab the cargo
the capsule, while both aircraft flew at the height
400 kilometers over the Pacific Ocean. However, this is not all.

During this operation, SpaceX, owned by
businessman Ilona Mask, broadcast a video of what was happening from the board
ISS. Many Internet users who watched this broadcast
unexpectedly noticed something strange in the frame. At some point
позади капсулы �”Dragon” вдруг пролетел загадочный треугольный
object of a reddish tint. Apparently, the UFO reflected
sunlight either emitted its own, for example, from
propulsion system.

Some ufologists felt that it could be a “TR-3B Astra”
– a mythical aircraft created by the United States, presumably
using alien technology. Many other enthusiasts
suggest that before us is still the ship themselves aliens, and
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization followed closely
docking of our space ships. Maybe the company Ilona Mask
specifically showed us this moment in order to reveal to the public
the truth? ..

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