Triton is the only major satellite inThe solar system moving in a retrograde orbit

Researchers were surprised to find that
NASA space agency in Triton photographs,
made during the space mission New Frontiers, retouched
separate plots.

Ufologists suggested that these photos are clearly “drawn”
mysterious structures, proving that Triton, like our Moon, –
man-made object, man-made satellite, “pulled” to

Triton moves in retrograde orbit

This theory is supported by many facts. For example, Triton
moves in a retrograde orbit, consists of a stone shell,
which only covers some kind of metallic core. Essentially everything
it looks like a huge spaceship. Same cosmic
ship (with the same parameters) in ancient sources is called
and our moon.

According to the calculations of astronomers, Triton really “arrived” to
Neptune from deep space, braked and got up on today’s
orbit It is striking that Triton has a perfectly round shape.
Moreover, this unique satellite has its own atmosphere, and
photographs of the surface of this satellite of Neptune can be caught even
network of roads, channels, some buildings and much more.

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