Twelve different personalities in onetele

Despite the fact that an ordinary person identifies himself as
a single person, its split occurs much more often than we
all represent it. And therefore, probably, every person is often
exclaims something like this: god, I do not understand why I
did what came over me …

As a rule, our second personality (most often “bad”, although
it happens and vice versa) – rather weak, and manifests itself only in
rare cases, for example, during severe intoxication (most
familiar sign of a split personality), at great stress, during
somnambulistic sleep time and so on. And some have it.
bifurcation occurs extremely rarely, in others much more often – and
it is the latter that often begin to suffer from this.

And you imagine people in whom not two get along, but immediately
several personalities! And not just get along, but constantly
vie with each other. It is such a rare disease
which is called a dissociative identity disorder,
suffers 23-year-old American Lauren Stott from Georgia,
which has 12 personalities in its head.

Female doctor’s doctor, Dr. David Spiegel, from Stanford
University explains that people usually confuse this very
rare, a disease with schizophrenia, but far from it.

Schizophrenics, he says, distort the world, that
it borders most often on delusions and hallucinations. While
dissociative disorder a person is completely normal, just his
there are problems with multiple personalities that are not easy
differ from each other, but also have (each of them)
own memories and distinct feelings of identity
and awareness of yourself as the “I” as a whole. As a rule, people are not born with
such a disorder, it happens, I suppose, as a result
some kind of mental trauma in childhood, and very strong, which
includes a psychological mechanism to protect a person from something
similar in the future.

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