Two “flying saucers” pursued the planenear the “Zone-51”

American pilot performing regular flight from Las Vegas
(Nevada) in Boise (Idaho) collided a few days ago
with an inexplicable phenomenon that scared him great.

Flying near the legendary “Zone-51″ over the south coast
the dry Groom Lake, the pilot suddenly noticed two in the sky
�”Flying saucers” of white color, pursuing his plane. The man
subsequently clarified that he saw only two unidentified objects,
however, there might have been more nearby.

The pilot did not lose his head, took out his smartphone and captured this pair
UFO on video. Amazing record demonstrates how “flying
plates “are worn near the plane with incredible speed, lagging behind and
again catching up with him, dramatically changing the height, directions, like
played with earthly aircraft. Then swift flying
vehicles, allegedly aliens, just disappeared from the field
view of an eyewitness and no longer came across his eyes naturally and
into the camera.

Despite his many years of experience, the pilot acknowledges that never
was not as scared as then. Fortunately, unknown objects in any way
did not hurt him or his airplane.

Ufologists believe that the UFO in this case was performed
разведывательную функцию near the “Zone-51” (они тут постоянно летают)
and had no intention of knocking anyone. At the same time, network users
the internet has recognized that this is one of the best records of “flying
cymbals ”, really showing that aliens are around and everywhere. AT
this time even the skeptics were modestly silent, since they had to say
Another nonsense in this case is very difficult …

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