Two stories about dog loyalty

In this life there is absolutely nothing unequivocal. Take for
example dog. As far as this being devoted to man,
however, as the poet N. Rubtsov once aptly noted, the dog is a friend
man, one and the other – the enemy. Therefore, we hear and read
a lot of sentimental stories about dogs, for example, like a dog and not
left the grave of the owner, preferring death in the churchyard next to his
a friend. And on the other hand, how many people (mostly children), those
the very same dogs, only the homeless, bitten to death or
crippled …

And how to relate to all of this is not clear. But there is very
good expression, long ago become winged: the more I learn
people, the more I like dogs. And so about dogs – only

In Thailand, a dog waits every night for its owner on the barrier

At 70 kilometers from the metropolis of Bangkok is located
once a provincial Thai city of Ayutthaya
the ancient capital of the kingdom of Ayuttha, the predecessor of Siam.

And the inhabitants of this remarkable city are watching every day
amazing picture: in the evening on the busiest thoroughfare
there is a dog who, despising any danger from
the moving stream of cars gets on a dividing barrier
tracks and patiently waiting, apparently, his lost owner.

Motorists, already accustomed to such a fad of a dog, do not pay
attention to it, and the townspeople most often honor the dog
just a glimpse. At first, local media journalists say, people more than once
tried to protect the animal from the apparent danger of being hit by a car,
returning him to the side of the highway, but the dog is persistent
returned to her “post”.

Somewhere a year ago, this faithful dog was here, rather
all, thrown out of the car by its owner. But he does not understand
this, and therefore hopes that the owner will return to him in one of
evenings (apparently, the man got rid of the dog in the dark
days), and therefore for 12 hours on duty on this barrier, but in
the rest of the time, he is seeking food for himself, with renewed strength
coming back to this point of “no return” to your past

Dogs save people even after death

There is a belief that a domestic dog, like a cat,
takes on all the diseases of the host, and in case of an extreme situation
– “prefers” to die, thereby saving from the death of his two-day

And how many cases when the ghosts of dead dogs appeared in
home of their former benefactors in fatal moments for them, for example,
raising them at night from bed before a fire, an earthquake,
gas poisoning and so on.

But this case is special. Imagine a summer park, sunny
evening, idyll of rest for mothers with little tots. And suddenly in
some moment when one of these happiest women was distracted
for a minute (most likely because of the mobile phone), the smart kid runs out
on a busy road … terrible squeak of brakes, screaming scared
passers-by, horror in the eyes of the mother, but … nothing to fix
it’s impossible, it’s late, it’s just not in human power …

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