Two UFO videoslook

It is not always possible to take a UFO on video, although sometimes photographs are about
These mysterious devices are impressive. But for a good photo you need
rare luck and at least an interesting story about how and
what really happened. А вот видео можно look даже
no comment, if only it was reliable.

A day before the earthquake in the sky of Mexico flew a lot

Conspiracy therapists are sure that all the cataclysms that hit at the beginning
September to America is far from accidental. But who is to blame, and
Are aliens involved in these terrible events?

If not, the interest in natural disasters is clearly alien
exhibit. For example, the day before it started in Mexico
землетрясение, в небе видели множество UFO (смотрите видео). what
they did ask? The country still lived a peaceful life, not
suspecting even of impending tragedy, and aliens, judging by
everything already knew about her. Of course, it is possible that they can
look into the future, but their participation in the outbreak
soon earthquake.

By the way, in 1997, before the strongest earthquake, which
then caused another crushing tsunami, also circled over Japan
UFO. However, they appear almost always before a catastrophe,
natural or even man-made (Chernobyl NPP). what
interested in aliens in this case, what role do themselves
полеты UFO над местами завтрашних трагедий?..

В настоящий момент UFO летают вдоль линии разлома Сан-Андреас,
which, following the Mexican earthquake, can present
North America is another great catastrophe. How to perceive
these “flying saucers: as harbingers of new natural

В Италии во время грозы заметили UFO

In addition to disasters, aliens, apparently, love thunderstorms.
It is practically possible to shoot any thunderstorm event, and after
detect a “flying saucer” or some other
strange phenomenon that does not fit into the concept of “earthly”.

This is exactly what happened to the author of this video, who
yesterday took a strong thunderstorm in Italy (the thunderstorm differed in abundance
sparkling lightning), and then, watching the video, I suddenly discovered
что одна небесная вспышка все-таки «поймала» UFO. However, look
yourself …

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