Two UFOs imprinted on the live TV channelKOIN 6 News

Live on TV channel KOIN 6 News, which is a branch
CBS in Portland Oregon USA, during a news broadcast, on
something mysterious appears in the background of the screen that is not
escaped the attentive gaze of ufologists who saw this
�”Small incident” flight of two UFOs.

At first glance, of course, this fleeting sky flash
can be taken for the fall of a meteorite, however, when replaying and,
while slow-motion video, it is noticeable that the flight path
mysterious objects (and there are obviously two of them) do not correspond to the direct
the descending line, which is characteristic of cosmic bodies burning in
Earth’s atmosphere. UFOs curve upwards, striking them.
flight speed and timing

Note that the UFO is not the first time accidentally hit the lens
cameras during live television, hence ufologists make their

Above our planet, various devices constantly scurry about.
newcomers who are seen every year by tens of thousands of people with their own eyes,
some of the witnesses have time to take off these mysterious flights in
the sky. But the most amazing thing: UFOs increasingly began to fall in a straight line.
Broadcast numerous channels. Is it an accident or aliens
something show us something want to get across to a wide
the public? It seems that the latter is not without reason, because
Governments and the military of almost all countries of the world are silent about
that aliens have long been here. It seems earthlings gradually
preparing for a long-awaited contact with a different mind …

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