Two UFOs pursued by two aircraft

February 12 in the World Wide Web, two mysterious
recent videos in different parts of the United States. These videos
unites one thing: they depict American planes,
attracted the attention of unidentified flying objects. Even if you
don’t believe in “flying saucers” and “green men”, you
It will certainly be interesting to see how aviation faces
something that is supposedly inexplicable and possibly potentially

The first incident took place in New York Brooklyn. By
according to an eyewitness, he noticed how in the sky behind the passenger
the airliner was moving at the same speed a strange object
oblong shape. The man immediately took out his smartphone and started
shoot an anomaly on camera. Byраженный свидетель рассказывает, что
it was an incredible sight, like science fiction, and he
the depths of the soul are surprised that now they don’t talk about it
the news of the planet. Or for the military and the authorities of America is already
usual incident? Byдумаешь, инопланетяне…

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