Two well-known ufologists died suspiciously inone week

Last week, two of them died unexpectedly at once.
authoritative American ufologist: researcher Robert Dean and
informant Karl Wolfe.

These experts have made an invaluable contribution to the study
unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial civilizations and conspiracies
US government to hide information about aliens from
the general public. Needless to say that such individuals
were a bone in the throat for the American authorities and the military.

Robert Dean is widely known to have occupied in the 1960s.
high rank in the us army where got access to top secret
documents relating to space threats and alien invasion.
The man was surprised to find that the American soldiers repeatedly
shot down alien aircraft and carried out autopsies
humanoids on board the “plates”. In the most secure documents
it was said that the military once captured a living alien.

Karl Wolfe was also a former military officer. Being
Sergeant of the United States Air Force, in the same 60s he became a member
secret meeting at the virgin base, where all those present
demonstrated pictures taken in 1966-1967 by five
automatic orbiters “Lunar orbiter”. Photo
back side of the moon, which is impossible to contemplate from Earth,
demonstrated skyscrapers, domes and other structures on

Ding died October 11 at the age of 89 from a sudden stop.
hearts. 74-year-old Wolfe crashed on a motorcycle on October 10,
faced with a tractor.

Despite the fact that Robert’s death looks like a result
old age and health problems, and the death of Karl – how unhappy
case, many fellow researchers are convinced that ufologists were
simply eliminated by US intelligence agencies. Using top secret
data of the American government, experts revealed to the world
the truth that humanity is not alone in the universe, and
revengeful US authorities could not allow these people
continued to live. Or maybe it was not a revenge, but an operation
eliminating even more sensitive information leaks …

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