Two-year-old girl saw in the living roomghost

And although it is not explicit, because in this material you will not find
image or video of a mystical phantom, however immediate
reaction to the emptiness of a two-year-old girl and her genuine fright
говорят о том, что ghost в комнате все-таки был.

This episode was videotaped by a 37-year-old resident of the city.
Montgomery Alabama Ryan Dalton. Have a happy father
is a hobby: shoot your little daughter Maya, and then lay out
these funny videos to the social network twitter where they
are very popular with users of this

The other day, Ryan made his regular video, filming a two-year
daughter at breakfast. As we see from the first frame, the girl is in fact
behaves very playfully and directly – real
little actress.

Suddenly she tensely looks away, then leans back
back in his child seat and says, “Scary.” With this Maya
shows his hand somewhere in the direction where, apparently, there is no one.
Not by chance her father asks who, they say, terrible, in the living room
there is not anyone. But the girl repeats: “Dad, he’s scary.”

On this, in general, the record and ends, leaving users
social network, where she soon got at a loss. Not by chance
reproaches fell on Ryan, why, he said, he didn’t move the camera to
the place where his daughter was pointing. To which the American replied that,
first, there was nothing there, that is, he saw nothing, but
secondly, it simply did not occur to him that the camera could
(it is quite possible) to remove what the human eye does not see.

Then Ryan reassured fans of his video creativity, that
Maya was not scared anymore that morning and did not say that there was a room
someone is scary, so the man did not even pay for her strange
special attention reaction. And only later, looking
videotape, he realized that a two-year-old child with his still
unconscious mind really reacted to something, that is
he clearly saw the ghostly guest in the room. But her father with him already
«богатым опытом» взрослого человека видеть этот ghost просто не
could …

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