UFO: Believe it or not

Unidentified flying objects entered our space so widely
life that today does not pass the day to the Internet
material appeared about the next observation of the alien apparatus.

And although the abbreviation “UFO” means not only ships
aliens, and virtually any unidentified object in the sky,
most ordinary citizens perceive it only as necessarily
mysteriously unearthly apparatus. So, even a strange light ring,
which periodically appears lately in the evening sky
near Moscow Khimki, immediately called a UFO, although, as they say
skeptics, it may be just a light effect from powerful

It is not clear just why these projectors are building the same
a figure in the sky, and why bother to draw this circle at all? But ufologists,
after analyzing the photographs, it was established that the light does not come from the earth, but
from above, falling on the clouds. So, behind them is some
the ship seems very large. Or is it rays from a few
UFO lined up in a circle …

Meanwhile, residents of Khimki are not only surprised, but already
outraged because too close attention to their city with
The alien side starts already annoying. Light pollution –
they state, it would be better to fly during the day and not interfere with sleep.

We suggest you also watch some video clips of the most
interesting UFOs: Believe, Believe, Believe – No …

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