UFO chose a place on the runway of the airfieldfor landing

And although there is a lot of information about UFOs today, why
Network users pay little attention to notes like this.
topics without video, sometimes information about
cases of encounters with “flying saucers” from the past, to this day
classified power structures. And some such stories
far more interesting than recent UFO videos – almost
with zero data on what it is, where and when filmed.

We invite you to meet just such an interesting
note on the events that took place in 1981 in
THE USSR. So, on May 15 of that year at about half past one night the military
under Tula, a spherical body with a diameter of about 600 was “spotted” in the sky
meters, which flew very high and at the same time brightly shone.
Flight UFOs traced down to Moscow. Here is a mysterious object
hovered just above the airport “Vnukovo”.

At first, nothing much happened, then suddenly from the center
this “flying saucer” dazzling lightning escaped, and along the edges
ship went fiery “dance”, like iridescent “solar
Crown “, which soon crumbled a cascade of the brightest

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