UFO disguised as a cloud captured inOf England

The above image is not the result of a photomontage or
a shot from a science fiction movie, but a very real shot,
Received on June 18 of this year in an English resort town
Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Dozens of locals
unexpectedly witnessed the appearance of a huge over their houses
object, which at a quick glance could be confused with
by cloud.

Many townspeople probably did, but attentive
Observers immediately realized that something strange had appeared in the sky. If a
this is not an accident (a joke of nature), then such a cloud is clearly reasonable
(read about this phenomenon in more detail in the article by reference).

A lot of ufologists, familiar with the mysterious frame on the web,
also considered that we are not a cloud. Researchers
aliens say it’s about masquerading as heavenly
condensate water “flying saucer”, and lead several
Arguments in favor of their theory:

  • firstly the alleged alien aircraft has
    perfectly flat disc shape, which is excluded from the present
  • secondly, the lower part of the UFO shows a very clear shadow,
    from which it can be concluded that it is really solid whole
    an object;
  • Finally, eyewitnesses, as one, claim that the “cloud” in
    ultimately did not dissolve in height, did not “blur” into something
    shapeless, as expected by many, and swiftly floated away

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