UFO “dumped” strange winged creatures

This case took place in 1975. near the town of Los Banos,
what’s in california. One of the eyewitnesses of what happened is still alive today, his
name is Mark Frank. This is what Mr. Frank told one of

It was at night, more precisely, at one in the morning. I was driving with my friend
Jack Adlson in the car. We headed from Fresno to Stockton by
track number 5. When we approached the intersection on the road number 152, I
noticed a glow ahead and pushed the sleeping jack. Waking up he
also saw a strange glow in the sky. We drove through the intersection, and
then my friend said that now the light is following us.
Indeed, the bright orange glow moved in the direction
to us. I stopped the car to get a better look at it, and
after some time, with amazement, he exclaimed: “My God, why,
Flying saucer!”

Hearing this, Jack was pretty scared. We knew the story of
how in the south such a “plate” kidnapped two guys – Parker
and Hickson and Jack did not want this to happen to us. I
I was of the same opinion, but, trying to start the car, I could not
to do.

We looked helplessly at the glowing UFO, which now too
moved and just hung in the air. By the way this thing really
strongly resembled an inverted plate. We, of course, was scared,
but curious too. I wanted to know what will follow.
The steamed object did not seem very threatening, and I carefully left the
car. Jack stayed in the cabin.

Suddenly, a light beam directed toward the earth came out of the “plate”
Equally broad over the entire length. And then on this beam floated down
dark obscure silhouettes. Jack again insisted that we
cleaned out of this place. But how?..

By the way, one curious detail that struck Mark
Frank: while the guys stood, looking at the UFOs, they were on the highway past them.
drove a few cars. They did not stop and did not even slow down
speed, as if people in cars did not notice anything unusual.
This seemed to Mark to be somewhat amusing and at the same time frightening:
not to see the “plate” was all one thing that was not to see in a small
elephant room.

The appearance of a strange winged creature

Making sure nothing bad happens to me,
American continued his story, Jack also got out of the car
and came up to me. I же стоял, устремив взгляд на объект с его
beam, and at the same time even lit up. Suddenly my buddy said that with
fields near the road there is some noise. And then from there came
loud and very creepy squeal. In horror, we rushed to the car, however
did not have time to sit in it. The noise, even louder than before, rang out again, and
something big, black and with wings, leaped out of the field onto us.
The creature looked like a huge bat, but this creature is not
flew, and walked, swaying slightly on his feet, like a penguin. Walked and
looked at us …

More horror can not imagine. The nose of this monster
was flattened like a macaque, and when walking it jumped and
yelped. We backed away, thinking that the creature was going to us
to attack, and in the meantime it spread its wings and became
больше нашего car. After that the monster soared sharply
up. It was clearly visible, as it circled above us, flew away
somewhere in the dark, continuing to publish a nasty squeal. Here we are
noticed that the bright orange light was gone, after which our
car obediently wound up.

Then we learned that in the same month one Lloy King
saw a similar creature eucalyptus village near his house. It was
Not far from Oakland, in the same California. In height this creation
reached at least 5 feet (one and a half meters), and his head was
similar to the head of a vulture. Wings – large, gray. When
the creature straightened them and flew, it became clear that in size it
much more than any local bird. Wingspan was
about 15 feet. It is likely that King saw the same or that
being the same as Jack and I, the flying saucer
threw about a dozen of these monsters to the ground.

Here is a story. One could not believe in it (you never know
think of some old man), if it were not for one “but”, says already
ufologist, as if summing up everything said. Creatures that
look like huge bats, they see in America quite often.
What are these monsters and where do they come from? Most researchers
believes that they are coming to us from a parallel world. But in this
the case seems to have delivered them and landed a “flying saucer”
aliens. Did the aliens launch this undead into our world?
whether biorobot, or their pets, from one species
who can hit a man?

Somehow I don’t really want to believe in such tricks of
reason “…

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