UFO flew during a thunderstorm from the Balticseas

A resident of the Latvian city of Saulkrasti says that he shot 5
May, about eight in the evening, a thunderstorm over the sea, and in the lens of it
Camcorder accidentally hit a mysterious object. At first, our hero is not
noticed nothing unusual, but returning home and looking
received video, he suddenly noticed this anomaly.

Dark spherical UFO of relatively small dimensions (or
who was at a considerable distance from the operator) flew out of
seas и стремительно понесся вверх. Confuse it with a bird or drone,
According to the Latvian, it is simply impossible. The author is presented below.
The recording also indicates the coordinates of the location from which the survey was taken:
57 ° 14’04.8 “N 24 ° 23’29.6” E

What seemed from the Gulf of Riga last Saturday?
Aircraft representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization?
Strange winged cryptide? Ghost? Something from parallel
the world? World Wide Web users build a wide variety of guesses.
regarding the appearance of this unidentified flying object,
which was accidentally recorded by a Latvian.

Recall that the Baltic Sea is famous for its numerous
UFOs observed over it, as well as the so-called “anomaly
Балтийского seas», найденной здесь в июне 2011 года. Using
sonar, Swedish divers discovered then at the bottom of a giant
a rounded object, presumably of man-made nature, which is up to
still resting in the depths of the sea, not allowing researchers to enter
Of the earth. But maybe he is more “supportive” to representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations? ..

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