UFO flies over an acrobat plane

They say that people very rarely see a UFO, because these
phantom vehicles fly too fast and also know how
disguise. Even good resolution camcorders often
snatching them no more, like a smoke or partial shade, which is already here
talk about the human eye, which is sometimes not seen fly,
flashed before his imperfect natural “optics”.

It is the video with a rare UFO that we invite you to watch. Him
took off the Argentinian Gustavo Galarza from the city of Mar del Plata, which in
one fine February day went by bike
watch the airshow and then enlarged by so spectacular
air pilots of the pilots began to shoot these acrobat planes on
your iPhone.

And only at home, looking at the records in slow motion, Gustavo
noticed on one of the aerobatics video episodes like over the tail
the plane appears something mysterious – white, very similar to
light cloud, object, at fantastic speed, moving to the right
and slightly up.

What is this, the author of the video asks? Watch the video and
Try to look for this mysterious UFO. It’s not that
simple, if you do not use the hint (in the 13th second). A business
that Galarza either did not bother, or did it on purpose
(for intrigue), but did not add arrows or
any other label indicating a light whitish unidentified
flying object. Look, they say, yourself, I found something! ..

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