UFO flies up from the crater of the moon – greatvideo

You can arbitrarily not believe that the moon is the main
base of aliens studying Earth, as claimed by ufologists, but this
UFOs, clearly man-made
buildings, fantastic flashes and other abnormal phenomena.
Очередное video с взлетающим из лунного кратера загадочным объектом
– Additional confirmation of this.

This is clearly a rocket, say space explorers, pay
note that a flying object of oblong shape (very similar to
earth rocket), its speed is simply enormous, and the fact that it
rises from the lunar surface, there is no doubt
since the UFO is clearly visible against the dark background of Selena, when the UFO itself
shines in the sun.

It is possible, add other Internet users that
this object really takes off from the crater of the moon, but the object –
of terrestrial origin, since we do not even really know how
the secret space missions of the same NASA have advanced, let alone
already about Russia, China, Japan, India and so on. Definitely only
one thing: something really takes off from the moon, and since
identify this ship is not possible and help
in this issue from the official space agencies do not have to
wait, then let an unidentified object remain within the framework of the usual
abbreviations – UFO. And so what is it, let every researcher
decides for himself …

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