UFO flotilla left the moon

An ordinary amateur astronomer watched a couple of nights ago
natural satellite of our planet when suddenly noticed
something absolutely stunning. It’s about a big group.
unidentified flying objects that apparently left the moon
and heading into outer space.

By the will of the happy occasion, that night our hero wrote down everything
their observations on video, and the alleged ships of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization also did not escape the camera.

The man stresses that mysterious objects could not be
a flock of birds. According to the astronomer, we are clearly flying
vehicles of alien origin. No wonder the world ufologists
constantly assert that the moon is an inhabited celestial
body, but the “green human” as far as possible hide
this fact from unreasonable humanity. It turns out, sometimes extraterrestrial
the mind still gives a blunder and is detected by keen eyes,
fixed by numerous instruments of earth observers.

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