UFO goes under water: at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean basealien

Ufologists have long concluded that aliens create bases in
most inaccessible places for people. This is a volcano crater, deserted
forests, deserts and, of course, the depths of the oceans.

Самое поразительное для нас это то, что для аппаратов alien
it’s easy to come in and out of the water
tremendous speed. Another moment of such “diving” in the waters of the Pacific
Ocean is fixed by one of the surveillance cameras installed on
coast near Newport, Oregon, USA.

At first we see on the record how it hangs brightly over the ocean.
glowing ball. After a few minutes, a second UFO appears,
flying at a fantastic speed, and without reducing it,
the apparatus goes into the water – obviously going to its deepest
the base.

The most striking thing is that the first object disappears right away: not
flies away, does not “dive” into the water, like the first UFO, but simply dissolves
in the air. This is another fantastic property that
demonstrate alien ships. Ufologists suggest that
the device at such a moment or goes into parallel reality, or
includes protection from observation – in any case, it is no longer visible
visually and cameras, the most modern devices are no longer
fix the object.

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