UFO in the form of a bright ball observed residentLondon

Briton Gary Low recently encountered a UFO in the form of a bright ball,
который он наблюдал в небе пригорода London – в районе Дагенхам.
A 38-year-old man was driving his Ford Mondeo when he noticed through the window
car something strange, after which he stopped the car, deciding
remove anomaly on video.

As you can see in the video (fragment close up and full
video) spherical object in the sky with some strange jerks
torn in blue. Its speed and trajectory prove that this is not
by no means an earthly drone, and, as Low explained, this
UFO was moving in the sky completely silent.

An inexplicable phenomenon, Gary admitted to reporters,
to which he passed the video. I myself can not figure out what
it is. Of course, this is a UFO, only earthly or unearthly
origin? I don’t really believe in “flying saucers”, but explain
logically, that can fly so fast, while burning so brightly in
the sky and not make any noise, just impossible. Nothing
I’ve never seen anything like it in my life …

It happened around 9 o’clock in the evening. According to Low, at that moment
there were other cars on the track who also stopped
came out and was surprised to see the flight of this bright UFO. And,
soon a plane appeared in the sky, however it seemed that
the pilots did not see that bright ball, at least they couldn’t
did not respond.

Then the light of the ball that was flicking in the sky gradually
go out, continued his story Gary, a UFO before my eyes paled and
paled until finally disappeared. I tend to believe that
some kind of atmospheric phenomenon, because in the alien ships I
just don’t believe it.

Video commented (voiced to the full movie) famous
British ufologist Philippe Mantle, who noticed that the main
The problem with such videos is that they are filmed on
camera smartphones that do not have the function of recording HD-video. BUT
as a result, we see something vague and blurry, and disassemble on such
video something concrete is very difficult. Mantle was skeptical
video Gary Lowe, believing that if it was the apparatus
aliens (most likely some kind of drone), then
It cannot be identified due to poor video quality. But on
the earth object is also not very similar …

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