UFO in the form of a hexagon watched the courseConstruction of the Furious Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial by itself
the mysterious architectural structure of South Dakota, USA,
so far unfinished, however, and in this form collecting annually
tens of thousands of tourists. The other day here among the observers
fixed UFO – in the form of a mysterious hexagon in the sky.

The famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, to whom
Soon we got material about a strange hexagon over the memorial, so
commented on what happened:

South Dakota’s Famous Black Hills – Favorite Place
the appearance of a UFO, with approximately the same hexagonal, I
observed in these places (thirty miles from the Frantic Memorial
Horse) in 1990. True, in my case, the hexagon is
rotated, and so – almost one to one. What it is – I do not know.
Perhaps this is some kind of alien aircraft
origin, a portal to another world or even something mystical,
associated with the legend of the courageous leader of the Indian tribe
Ogla, nicknamed the Furious horse. In any case, it seems that
this “hexagonal eye” is really watching the construction
unique memorial.

Crazy Horse Memorial is being built since 1948 by design.
American architect of Polish origin Korczak
Tsiolkovsky – in honor of the brave Indian warrior, which is more correct
It would be called in translation from the language of the tribe Ogla – His horse
furious. However, it just so happened, and therefore fearless and mystical
not subject to enemy bullets the leader of the Indians, who
fought in the XIX century against the domination of whites trying to select native
the lands of his tribe remained in the memory of America as the Furious Horse.

Unfortunately, the idea of ​​a talented architect who wanted
carve in the rock a memorial above the Egyptian pyramids (172 meters), not
was destined to come true, at least during his lifetime, because
Korchak dies in 1982, having managed to outline only the outlines in stone
head of the great indian leader. However, the case Tsiolkovski
picks up his spouse Ruth: thanks to her efforts as well
other enthusiasts, the erection of the Memorial continues to this day,
albeit very slowly, mainly with donations from tourists,
who come here from all over the world, despite
the incompleteness of this masterpiece.

Judging by the finding of ufologists today, the Memorial of the Furious Horse
not only earthly tourists are interested …

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