UFO in the sun. Video and photo

НЛО на солнце

In the subsection of our site UFO in the sun, we will try to reveal
all information related to unidentified flying objects,
which appear near this star closest to us. Some
powerful telescopes directed from the Earth towards the Sun and
periodically information leaks to the press that in their field
Review of various unidentified objects.

We collect these materials on our online resource, we analyze
they offer readers and reliable facts. With the help of modern
technology already recorded dozens of cases of meetings of people with extraterrestrial
объектами, в том числе и появление UFO in the sun. Many facts
naturally remain secret from us, but we try
offer you a lot of information on this topic. Maybe exactly
You will be the first to read sensational information about a meeting with an extraterrestrial
by reason.

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