UFO is not necessarily “flying saucers”alien origin

And although the abbreviation UFO has become for some reason synonymous with “flying
plates, in reality an unidentified object in the sky and
the alien ship is not the same thing. And in this article we
let’s talk about UFOs, not about aliens.

A resident of Scotland has witnessed the collapse of a UFO

The first event occurred in Scotland in the last month.
A resident of the village of Kippen later in the evening went out into the yard and, lifting
head to the sky, it was UFO who noticed – an unidentified object glowing
in the sky, and as if the aircraft is crashing.
The woman even suggested that this object was shot down by an air defense missile.
Great Britain.

This assumption has found a response in many ufologists who
met with video tartan. It creates impressions
wrote one of the commentators to the video that the UFO really was
shot down, he tries for a while to restore his flying
abilities, and then throws away something big — most likely
rescue capsule. After that, the “heavenly guest” simply falls on
the earth.

Istanbul residents were surprised by the appearance of three over the city.

В конце прошлого месяца странные три UFO запечатлели над
the largest Turkish city of Istanbul (see video below). And in
In this case it is also problematic to say that these were some
alien “flying saucers”. Moreover, in the comments to this
the video can even find a skeptical review, that’s just so easy
indulges in office plankton, creating funny and useless ones
fakes However, those who know Turkish can understand that
the material is authentic, the voices of the witnesses are heard on it, and they say
в пользу реальности этих трех UFO над Стамбулом.

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