UFO is noticed, suspiciously similar to�”Millennium Falcon”

57-year-old resident of the English county Durham Christina
Iskander claims that she managed to capture in the picture
an unidentified flying object suspiciously similar to a fictional
spaceship “Millennium Falcon” from the cult franchise “Star

According to the woman, a few days ago she was walking early
in the morning a dog in the village of Brandon Village and unexpectedly noticed in
the dark predawn sky is a strange object flying with a huge
by speed. Briton instantly got her smartphone and once
photographed the “flying saucer” before it disappeared from
mind The author of the photo says:

It was a blinding object that was painful to watch.
To the naked eye, he looked like the brightest white star. To me
At first it seemed that a helicopter was rushing over me, however
no sound was heard. A few seconds after
as I took the picture, the object soared up and disappeared into the sky, so
I did not manage to take a picture of it for the second time. I was very
surprised when I saw on the received frame something that looked
like a flying saucer. My son, looking at the image, immediately
said this is the “Millennium Falcon” from Star Wars. I have these
films, unfortunately, not watched.

Iskander sent a mysterious snapshot 54-year-old ufolog Philip
Mantla from the city of Pontefract in West Yorkshire, and that’s what
concluded the specialist:

At first glance, there is nothing unusual in this photo. However i
enlarged it, processed it in the editor, and you know, it really became
look like the Millennium Falcon. Add testimony here
eyewitnesses who received this frame, and we can safely conclude
that we are dealing with a real unidentified flying object.
Image analysis shows that a UFO has a rounded symmetrical
shape and made of metal. Not one of man-made
air vehicles cannot boast such an appearance, and
also the ability to fly silently at high speeds. I believe,
that it was an alien ship.

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