UFO, like a mysterious planet, staffNASA hid from the public

This is how many ufologists perceived the reaction of employees.
the US space agency NACA, which again is not
allowed independent researchers to freely consider
all that comes in the lens of the webcam MKS.

This is how the author himself describes this incident, which in the evening
May 22 this year, watching the air with a web-camera
the space station, when he suddenly noticed something unusual:

The mysterious object flew, as I determined later, over the South
America, heading towards Africa. At first I thought it was
The moon hit the camera lens, but the UFO behaved unusually, it
sparkled, shimmering in different shades that made me
doubt the first assumption, immediately start recording and
�“Take a screenshot” of this “mysterious planet”. And when will soon record
cameras on the ISS broke off, I once realized: this is far from the moon, if
NASA staff got worried. By the way, they turned on the camera again
ISS, when the UFO has already flown away …

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