UFO over California in the form of a bent bow

The United States is famous for two things: military aggression and many UFOs,
flying over this country. Maybe it is somehow interconnected?

The other day, the United States again distinguished themselves in this regard: now
A UFO is spotted over California, and an unidentified object is spotted.
very strange form. Indeed, what forms are there not
saw “flying saucers”, and here on you – now in the form of either
bent bow, or piece of hose.

Mysterious UFO appeared in the sky over the city of San Jose. You can even
assume that this is some kind of heavenly sign of the Higher Forces (which is
many Americans did) because the object just hung in
air, almost motionless and did not make the slightest sound. is he
was not like any other earth drone – such drones are simply not
it happens. But also on traditional alien aircraft, he
did not “pull”.

Ufologists, however, tend to believe that it is still
alien machine because aliens can create their own
drones of any shape. And although the current form is quite strange even for
it doesn’t say anything about them. Recently ufo
becoming more complex and bizarre in form. With what is it
connected – not clear. Maybe with the fact that the Earth due to
aggravated military situation come all the new aliens with
their aircraft? So we have to wonder. Or
one has to be surprised all the same wild (almost primitive)
military aggression earthlings advanced aliens?

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