UFO pumped water at night from the Swedishlakes

June 10, at 00:35 at night, residents of the Swedish city of Strangnes Karina
Lindquist and her buddy Misha witnessed a striking
phenomena. Eyewitnesses say they set off after midnight
walk to the lake malaren. Fortunately, the weather favored
such a nightly entertainment.

However, there they were waited at first by some disappointment, and then
real fear, bordering on surprise and admiration, because
they suddenly saw a large, yellow-glowing object,
hovering above the pond and running into it a mysterious ray. Friends
сразу поняли, что это «летающая тарелка», выкачивающая из lakes
water, and captured it on the camera of the smartphone. Returning home,
witnesses immediately posted footage on the Internet.

Although the video below is
Swedes, has a relatively low quality, it can be clearly
consider the glowing “plate” over the night lake, from which
a bright yellow ray of light goes down into the water.

According to ufologists, it looks like a scene from some
фантастического фильма – НЛО выкачивает воду из lakes, однако перед
we are not fiction, but reality. Unidentified objects, they say, in
actually have the ability to take from the Earth not only people and
animals, but also much more, including fresh water. AND
one can only guess why it is needed “green
little men.

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