UFO pursues Russian fightersSU-34

No matter how fast Russian fighters fly, the operator that
posted this video on YouTube video hosting, captured in the sky
возле SU-34 фантастический НЛО, который совершает такие маневры,
which both speed and overwhelming turns do not go
in which comparison with modern terrestrial flying machines.

Just five seconds of video with this UFO form with a small (by
compared with fighters) metal ball, which makes
superfast movements in the sky, dramatically changes the trajectory of its
полета, появляясь то с левой, то с правой стороны SU-34, легко
(just playfully) overtakes the aircraft. Flight characteristics of this
apparatus, says the author of the video, is clearly superior many times
the capabilities of our best military fighter.

Moreover, the fighters themselves behave as if nothing around
they do not happen, that is, their radars do not fix a UFO, as it does not see
his and the human eye. Оператор, снимая полет российских SU-34,
also did not notice anything suspicious at that moment. But only
at home, on a large computer monitor, watching videos in
editor that allows you to slow down the playback he
found in the sky near the fighter aircraft clearly
unearthly origin. Here is what he writes:

Such videos prove that aliens live
somewhere near us, they just exist on Earth as if in another
rhythm, inaccessible to our senses and modern instruments (I
I mean various radars). However, camcorder no no no
capture this fantastic rhythm and then we can touch
(at least somehow) with the mysterious alien and their amazing
technique. For example, the media, for example, constantly insist that
Fear aliens who want to seize the Earth. Yes, if they
would set such goals before you would have done so long ago. only you
compare them and our technology! Let’s say this one UFO would be enough
seconds to destroy both fighters, and the pilots would even
they did not understand what had happened – they were flying and suddenly began to fall down. Also
most, I think, is easy to do with any of our weapons, any equipment,
even the most up-to-date. We are for them – “slow motion movie”
Pithecanthropists with a primitive club in their hands, which we strenuously
we wave, trying to prove something, however, so far we are only
each other’s heads …

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