UFO spotted near a Japanese space rocketEpsilon 3

January 18 of this year from the Japanese Space Center
Utinoura, which is located in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima, has launched
rocket solid fuel “Epsilon-3”, which successfully led to
Earth orbit (to an altitude of about 500 kilometers) commercial satellite
with research equipment.

The launch of the JAXA Space Agency modern rocket, which,
as journalists wrote, it is very ergonomic,
compactness and reliability has become a significant event for the Country
the rising sun, so he was watched by thousands of Japanese,
most of whom filmed this rather impressive sight –
fire plume in the dark evening sky.

And although many skeptics of the World Wide Web, where the Japanese have become
lay out videos about the launch of Epsilon-3 on the same day,
saw nothing special about it, and some even did
the assumption that the rocket did not fly away, but fell into the ocean, more
attentive researchers have noticed something interesting. It turns out
the flight of the Japanese rocket was watched not only by its creators,
scientists, journalists and curious earthlings, but also UFOs.

�Flying saucer with side lights and flashing lights
flashed almost close to Epsilon-3, when the earth
the rocket has already gained a solid height. It doesn’t look like a plane, and
there could be no earthly apparatus in the sky at that time. With what
Aliens are interested in a Japanese rocket? However, as they say
ufologists, aliens watch rocket launches almost always,
why the UFO at this moment is fixed almost everywhere. What if
aliens are not even noticeable, it still does not say anything – they can
follow us and covertly. It is not clear just why they often
allow you to shoot yourself, and even to see quite frank scenes with
fantastic machines …

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