UFO, sucking out of the rest on the lakevitality, got on the photo

63-year-old resident of Novosibirsk Elena Bandman told
Runet users have a curious story. Moreover, our
compatriot posted in the network amazing photo
confirming her words.

A woman reports that in August 2007 she and her husband
went by car to the mountainous Altai, namely the famous
Lake Teletskoye. Spouses arrived in Artybash village and spread out
a tent right on the shore of a picturesque pond. Next to them was still
several such tourists in tents. The weather was beautiful
and our heroes decided to stay in this “real paradise” for at least a week,
without fail visiting the Yaylu reserve. Unfortunately, these plans
was not to be.

Incomprehensible deterioration of health

The next morning, travelers felt a significant
malaise with weakness and nausea. Elena Mikhailovna and her husband
blamed their status on acclimatization. Among other holidaymakers
It turned out to be a female doctor who told Novosibirsk people that many
from their neighbors experience the same symptoms, however the temperature and
their pressure is normal.

Elena’s husband suggested she leave, especially when the lake became
leave the other tourists. Our heroine, however, wished
stay and wait until their condition returns to normal. Spouses
visited the Corbu Falls on the other side of Lake Teletskoye, and there they
actually it became easier. However, it was worth the travelers returning to
its parking, how bad feeling resumed. Rest
the tourists managed to leave each other by that time, and the Bandmans also decided
go home.

Finally, Elena’s husband persuaded her to go on a tour of
local gulf. When the boat landed the group on a rocky islet,
Our heroine noticed something strange. Somewhere from the sky flowed bright
light in the form of a dense thick beam, but Elena could not
understand what its source is. Even despite the clear weather,
the water surface was clearly visible light circle. Spouse
women, having heard about it, just waved it away, assuming that everything
the sun was to blame (some of its light whims). AT
a certain moment Siberian sat on the rocks, and a life partner
photographed her.

Amazing find

ATсю дорогу домой Елена Михайловна лежала без сил на заднем
car seat. AT Новосибирске ее состояние стало улучшаться,
however, doctors diagnosed Russian woman increased sedimentation rate
red blood cells, which she previously did not have.

Looking through subsequently taken pictures on vacation, our
the heroine unexpectedly saw something amazing on that photo.
A strange orange object hovered above the water, suspiciously
resembling a “flying saucer”, and on the surface of a lake in the distance
imprinted that spot of light.

Was it an unidentified flying object that was sucking
from vacationers vitality?

Lake Teletskoye, by the way, is really considered abnormal
a place where strange things often happen to people, including
associated with poor health. And if it’s all aliens,
then spouses Bandman, it turns out, managed to get a documentary
confirmation of this.

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