UFO visited the sacred ancient cityMachu Picchu

Peruvians living in the area of ​​the holy city of the Incas
Machu Picchu, а также приезжие туристы снова стали свидетелями
the appearance here of “flying saucer”. This place has
unofficial names “city in the heavens”, “palace among the clouds” and
�”Lost city of the Incas”, constantly attracts unidentified
flying objects, and ufologists can not find this rational

Perhaps the masterpiece of ancient urban planning has some secrets
which are known only to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
Некоторые специалисты даже говорят, что Machu Picchu был построен
it was aliens, not Indians. Anyway, recently here
one of the most impressive evidence was obtained
the existence of “flying saucers”. World ufologists can not pass
your delight at seeing the frames below.

A relatively large bright object flew low between the mountains.
disc-shaped, which can not be confused with the drone
(they are, by the way, forbidden here), by a kite or some
lens flare camcorder. The UFO seems to be spinning
flight time, and his pilot was not at all worried about his
the aircraft will be noticed by people. Is coming soon
large-scale contact between us and the “green men” are set
question researchers?

However, before contact with representatives of highly intelligent
alien races, say more sensible users of the Internet,
we probably will not live soon, judging by the political
situation in our world, when the Third World War is about to break out,
Moreover, it is possible that with the use of nuclear weapons capable of
once again destroy the civilization of the Earth. Therefore perceive
откровенно демонстративные полеты пришельцев над Machu Picchu с этой
point of view is not worth it. Most likely, the “palace among the clouds”
possesses a special energy needed by the aliens. And herself
Demonstration – this is so, a small performance, a theatrical performance
for us foolish …

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