Ufolog claims that he discovered near Saratovpetrified organics in the form of a flying saucer

Russian specialist in the field of ufology Andrei Pinchuk
published an amazing statement, supported by a snapshot. By his
According to him, he discovered fragments near Saratov
unidentified flying object. Researcher convinced that from
a petrified “flying saucer” sticks out of a slope on the bank of the Volga
relatively small size. Russian made this find
by chance walking along the river a few days ago.

Andrei, who is not afraid to make bold statements, says that before
we fossil, that is, petrified organic. Say, alien
the ship once arrived on Earth from far space and suffered
wreck on the territory of modern Russia. Could this mean
that the “plate” was of biological origin or even
was a separate living being? Unfortunately, the answer to this
question we hardly ever find out.

Not all users of the World Wide Web believed that
Pinchuk discovered a prehistoric UFO on the Volga. Skeptics argue
what is before us is the result of complex geological processes when
a piece of rock acquires a rounded shape in clay soil –
and appears before us (most often before archaeologists) in the form
stone disk. In some South American countries you can even
find the slopes from which ideally even stone “grow”
balls. Alas, there is nothing supernatural in this phenomenon.

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