Ufolog discovered on the moon a starship streamlinedforms

Scottish ufologist George Graham, known for his countless
(and sometimes completely fantastic) discoveries of various anomalies
on the moon and other celestial bodies of the solar system, told about the new
the discovery made by him the other day.

UFO researcher says he looked at the pictures
natural satellite of the Earth, made in 1967 by the American
automatic apparatus “Lunar orbiter-3”, and found on one of
Photo of a spaceship quietly standing in a lunar crater.

Estimated alien craft is very similar to
modern space shuttle. On a frame half a century ago clearly
visible front and central fuselage, as well as a matte aviation
lantern space shuttle. Maybe in Selena in the 60s in the very
turned out to be a secret NASA ship? Or is it still a brainchild?
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization?

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