Ufolog Tyler Glockner discovered fallen inSubantarctic alien ship

The famous British ufologist and video blogger Tyler Glockner,
best known to users of the World Wide Web under a pseudonym
Secureteam10, does not cease to amaze with its finds. Now
a restless UFO researcher discovered possible ship wrecks
aliens on the sub-arctic island of South Georgia in
The Atlantic Ocean, where, by the way, no more than 20 live today

For this specialist used the popular cartographic
Google Maps service. Glockner says that on snow cover
turned out to be a major mark left by some mysterious object. Himself
collapsed UFO was there, but it was covered with snow, so on
satellite image can only see the outlines
the alleged starship. However, the ufologist is convinced that
definitely an aircraft made by non-human hands.

There were quite a few skeptics on the World Wide Web who are not
believed that in the middle of South Georgia lie the wreckage of the cosmic
ship of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Doubters
suggest that scattered on the Internet images of “fallen UFO”
actually demonstrate the effects of the descended glacier. AT
hot arguments about nature flared up in the video comments
mysterious object however reach some kind of consensus
Network users could not.

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