Ufologist: Aliens have planned an invasion ofEarth New Year’s Eve

As the New Year approaches, and within a few hours
we are waiting for this magical holiday night, it does not interfere with recall
that famous ufologist Phillip Klass once told the world that
aliens will invade Earth just on January 1, hiding, with
on the one hand, with numerous fireworks and salutes, and on the other
– taking advantage of the drunken state of most earthlings.

About this expert on aliens wrote in 1991 on
pages of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, and since
ufologists and other researchers of the paranormal are expecting
the arrival of the Apocalypse every New Year’s holiday. The fact is that
Philip Klass did not indicate the main thing – in what year this will happen

However, if we turn to the most famous on the web today
Internet ufologists, say, George Graham or Scott Waring,
they are in no hurry to comment on this theory, and they keep silent even in
the eve of the New Year.

By the way, not a single modern has ever seen anything like it.
clairvoyant, and even the ancient prophets did not say anything about alien invasion
talked about. Yes, and why should they intrude so rudely, many consider
conspiracy therapists, when they have long been on Earth, and they are doing here everything that
want to. It looks like the alien invaders are just
have seen enough of Star Wars and other science fiction, not having
nothing to do with scientific ufology and real life …

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