Ufologist found a glowing cube nearThe sun

Popular Taiwanese ufologist and space explorer Scott
Waring published another interesting news, capable, by
opinion of its author, turn our understanding of what
going on outside of the earth. Find expert instantly
attracted the attention of many web users.

The specialist says that he looked at the pictures taken 15
October this year, the solar and heliospheric observatory
�“SOHO”, when unexpectedly noticed something on one of the frames
amazing. The spacecraft captured near our star
mysterious object, like a huge glowing cube.

Waring convinced that this is a giant ship
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization having the dimensions of the Earth.
Alien spaceship, they say, approached the sun, refueled
from him with energy, then flew away, leaving behind a shining
yellow trace Here is what a surprised researcher writes:

How can aliens create such colossal objects? I
I think the reason lies in the fact that aliens live forever, and
they have an artificial intelligence that performs most of
work independently. The time spent on this does not have
values ​​for immortal beings. AI mines materials
designs the ship, creates its parts and puts them together.
Maybe it takes millions of years to create such a spaceship.
However, if you are immortal, you will not be
wait. And while you enjoy life, artificial intelligence
creates for you something truly incredible.

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