Ufologist found a town of aliens on the moon

Well-known conspiracy therapist, virtual archaeologist and ufolog George
Graham, who founded the popular Streetcap1 YouTube channel, discovered
another anomaly in the image of the natural satellite of our planet.
This time, the researcher reports that he has found nothing but
alien town on the moon. Mysterious photo was taken
recently Chinese automatic interplanetary station

The specialist says:

I have not done any manipulations with this image,
besides increasing the fragment that interested me. Brightness,
contrast and colors are presented on it in its original form.
As you can see, on the lunar horizon are multicolored
objects similar to dome houses. Curious that the distance between
The three objects on the right are the same. In nature, such
accuracy is extremely rare, isn’t it? And if I’m still
I will make a picture brighter, translate it into negative colors or increase
gamma, then nothing, by and large, will not change. These objects
will look on the surface of the moon like a glove. I would give a lot
to be there now and see what’s inside
data structures.

Found “moon town” does not contradict the recently flown
Network Internet application of former CIA officer John Lehr that Luna
– artificially created base of aliens and what lives on it
about 250 million gray aliens. However, some
World Wide Web users rightly notice that in the background
of all that is known today about Selena, look for some “fleas” on her
– the occupation for a serious ufologist is rather strange. With another
most people, however, did not believe, and today do not believe in
aliens and their lunar basing, and for this majority
the discoveries of George Graham are also useless, at best, these
skeptics laugh at them …

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