Ufologist found new evidence of mystificationamerican lunar program

Popular ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist George
Graham, best known by the pseudonym Streetcap1, made
another interesting discovery. According to the specialist, he
I watched the video of the alleged landing on the moon manned
the Apollo 15 spacecraft and found something strange.
Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin allegedly arrived at
natural satellite of the Earth (officially there were from July 30 to 2
August 1971), a flagpole was driven into the lunar soil, and this moment
was well captured on the famous recording, which had spread all over

According to George Graham, he is struck by the fact that no one
so far I have not noticed one very interesting detail before. When
James Irwin knocks on a flagpole with a hammer, the sounds of impact are excellent.
heard in the camera! As you know, the lunar atmosphere is incredible
sparse, ten trillion times less dense than Earth’s. it
means that no sounds propagate in it, as in
vacuum. It turns out when NASA astronauts drove into their soil
flagpole, there was air around them. According to the ufologist, this is another (and
there are already hundreds of them) excellent proof that Americans
have never been to Selene and got all their photos and videos from
�”Moon missions” in film studios.

By the way, most recently in one of the notes we told our
to readers about how on a similar American “moon record” on
in the background, ufologists found a flying bird, and such blunders
abound. As criminologists say, there is no such crime
so that after him did not remain traces. Americans apparently did not know well
about this, if you went to the mystification of the lunar program, hoping
that traces of their “crimes against humanity” will not
discovered …

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