Ufologist found strange marks in the depthsspace

Famous Taiwanese ufologist and truth seeker Scott Waring
рассматривал снимки space и сделал два необычных открытия.

The photo above shows the Rosette Nebula in
constellation of the Unicorn. The specialist did not believe his eyes when
discovered that she is unequivocally similar to a humanoid skull with
large orbits, deformed mouth and nasal cavity.

Another image you can see below demonstrates
Eagle Nebula in the constellation Snake. Waring reflected the photo vertically
and was surprised to receive the image of a humanoid creature with
glowing head and eyes like a snail. Freak raises up
massive hands, as if angry or preparing to attack someone.

Many will say that before us, they say, ordinary paradolicheskie
illusions, and Scott wishful thinking. Taiwanese
Of course, thinks otherwise. Researcher is convinced that in the depths
space спрятано бесчисленное множество знаков для человечества,
you just need to be able to find them.

Waring does not intend to stop there and plans to
do a thorough study of other shots with nebulae. Not
it is possible that the information hidden in them may be
fateful for our civilization.

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