Ufologist found two single starshipsin the middle of the Florida marshes

Famous British ufologist Tyler Glockner, leading popular
YouTube channel “Secureteam10”, delighted its subscribers at the beginning
New Year is another amazing find. According to the conspiracy therapist
and an unidentified flying object explorer he discovered on
satellite images of the us state of florida couple mysterious
metallic objects suspiciously similar to single

Estimated interplanetary ships are in the territory
aviation industrial complex right next to
car parking. Tyler got the impression that this
secret experimental aircraft. Glockner
tells us that the mysterious complex of buildings owned
the aerospace engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney,
located in the middle of the marshes near the Florida
State Road 710. The silvery aircraft hidden here
They look like they can move at supersonic speeds.
and even surf the space.

By the way, they are somewhat different from each other. Taller machine
more like an arrowhead, while that of another
the aircraft clearly visible wings pointed at the back.
Perhaps these are really secret prototypes made
Pratt & Whitney engineers. The only strange thing is that no one
guessed at least to cover the spaceships with a tarpaulin so that they would not fall
camera lens orbiting satellite.

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