Ufologist from China’s Li Jianmin examines the skullalien

Researcher UFO and other anomalous phenomena, 55-year-old Li
Jianmin (Li Jianmin) the other day made a loud statement that he
получил для исследования череп alien. True, in order
that to make sure of this one hundred percent, you need to hold
another DNA test.

Such a statement, according to the publisher Express, ufologist voiced
at a seminar on ufology held in Beijing. The man
рассказал собравшимся, что предполагаемый череп alien ему
provided for the survey a private collector (the name does not
disclosed), who was lucky to get this unique
a thing once in Mongolia. It was sold to him by a street vendor.

The collector, as Li Jianmin says, did not attach at that time
this purchase of particular importance, since it was a cheap one and
it was also very much like a fake, but for his collection of everything
rare and exotic quite fit. But not so long ago he (not
without the help of experts) suddenly realized that something was in his hands
startling, so he turned to Li Jianmin
find out what it really is.

According to Li Jianmin, he received from a collector
really mysterious brown skull with a diameter of 16
centimeters. In this skull, the two-layer bone structure is striking, which
not typical of earthly skulls. Li Jianmin spent a lot
all sorts of analyzes, for example, Raman spectroscopy,
used an atomic force microscope to compare with other
alien skulls (supposedly naturally) found in
different times in different countries. The expert wrote a whole scientific work in
more than a hundred pages in which proves that it is not fake,
the skull is real, however it is not yet clear to whom it can

To put an end to this study, the Chinese ufologist
requires a DNA test of the skull, which costs 100 thousand Chinese yuan
(approximately one million Russian rubles). While Li Jianmin such
There is no money, but he hopes that everyone who is interested in
research, will respond to his request and help him collect
the right amount of money. The scientist promises to answer everyone and everything
questions you are interested in.

I do not deny, says the expert, and I do not even reject the skeptical
views, however, I urge anyone who wants to argue with me in
reality of the existence of aliens, stock up weighty
evidence that they are not and can not be, and that the remains
no one ever found aliens on Earth …

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