Ufologist processed images of Mars and saw themcities

Virtual explorer of Mars leading popular
The YouTube channel “Mars Anomalies and Beyond,” about potentially
sensational opening. According to an avid ufologist and a conspiracy therapist,
he managed to get evidence that on the Red Planet
hidden megacities, domes and even vehicles.

Enthusiast believes that the US National Space
the agency is well aware of the fact that on Mars is full of life, and all
forces hide this information from the world community. therefore
NASA, they say, throws us with you fake pictures, on
which the Red Planet is represented by the desert (even the blue sky
this planet is shown to us by all means yellow).

Our hero tells that he has recently reviewed the footage,
made by NASA rovers, and decided for the sake of curiosity to process them in
photo editor. Changing the gamma, contrast and some others
characteristics of the images, the researcher unexpectedly discovered
the martian horizon a striking picture – the real martian

High Martian skyscrapers and towers, pyramids and domes,
Flying vehicles and platforms sailing across the sky – all of this, according to
opinion of the author of the discovery, many millennia is on the fourth from
Suns planet, and there appeared such magnificence long before
how our distant ancestors took stones and sticks in their hands.

However, the conspiracy theorist is not in a hurry with absolute certainty
argue that NASA is wholly responsible for hiding the truth from us
about the dense population of Mars. Perhaps residents of the Red
the planets use high tech camouflage that hides
their civilization is from the cameras of terrestrial rovers.

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