Ufologist published a photo of “angel wings” inthe sky

American ufologist, known by the name of Michael and a pseudonym
MrMBB333, posted a video featuring several
the skyсных аномалий, которые были запечатлены недавно в США и

This is a huge circle in the sky, a pink pillar of light
above the ground and, most interesting, mysterious education around
Sun, suspiciously reminiscent of the bright wings of an angel. how
It is not difficult to guess, the last anomaly was especially impressed
web users.

Майкл рассказывает, что таинственный снимок «the skyсных ангельских
Wings “sent him compatriot named Leo Diay from the city
Jacksonville, Fla. On the morning of March 13, this witness admired
sunset and suddenly noticed above the horizon so amazing
phenomenon. Curiously, it was photographed from a point below.
Angel Point, which can be translated into Russian as “paragraph
an angel. ” Maybe the person who gave the name to this place knew
something we don’t know about? Or is this a coincidence?

Anyway, the unusual image is very interested
The regulars of the World Wide Web. Many commentators have suggested
that this is an important religious sign warning us of things to come
changes in the world. Others recalled the statement of the wise that
there are no coincidences in our life, and therefore no coincidences. Something
here and not, confirm the third. And only some users
The Internet considered it to be just beautiful – and no more

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