Ufologist Scott Waring proves that the ISSis on Earth

Famous ufologist from Taiwan Scott Waring made a sensational
statement that the International Space Station does not fly
somewhere there in the Earth’s orbit how everyone thinks and how they blow it
вот уже сколько лет СМИ, а is on Earth. It turns out that all
the astronauts who visit and work on it are the most common.

A striking conclusion from a Taiwanese researcher
based on a careful analysis of many videos from the ISS (one of them,
most characteristic in this regard, the ufologist confirms
his evidence).

Take a close look at the station, he writes, some of her
elements are simply absurd from the point of view of space science.
For example, the ISS hatch, it is not sealed at all, and it can be seen even
with the naked eye. And such absurdities confirming deception with
NASA parties abound.

It is worth noting that Scott Waring is not the first and not the last
conspiracy therapists (we are not talking about supporters of the theory of flat
Earth), who claims that all space missions of earthlings, even
Yuri Gagarin’s flight – the purest hoax, calculated on
ordinary inhabitants – taxpayers. The fact is that the people
it was necessary to somehow explain the unmeasured spending of the state
budget (US), the general poverty of citizens (USSR), and so on. All this
was hiding behind and still hiding behind the space race of two
superpowers and now also competition among numerous
space agencies and private companies. And in this game, allegedly
almost all major countries of the world that have a common
leadership – the world government in the face of the Illuminati (more
You can read about this in detail, for example, in a Russian newspaper.
�”The president”).

As a small confirmation of the foregoing (as
illustration of the truth of Scott Waring’s words)
the fact that the famous ufologist’s account on the YouTube video hosting
immediately (after such a loud statement) was blocked.

That’s just another thing remains incomprehensible: what kind of UFO is constantly
�Famous ufologists were “catching” near the ISS, among which, for example,
Streetcap1 (George Graham), Toby Lundh, Cassie Verona (UFO Sightings
Daily) and even Scott Waring himself? And what then shows
the online video camera of the International Space Station not to mention
about many other things?

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