Ufologists again discovered a huge UFO in orbitThe sun

Сразу оговоримся, что появление странных объектов возле The sun
causes considerable skepticism even among those who believe in UFOs and
aliens. And this rejection is justified on the simple fact
that such objects are unimaginably gigantic, sometimes
far superior to our planet.

It is such a huge object again found near our star,
и этот НЛО далеко не похож на естественный протуберанец The sun
(there are “solar” UFOs and at all incredible forms). But what is it

On the one hand, the cosmic body is clearly artificial.
origin, on the other – its size is simply amazing. But remember
on this account the assumption is now the late theoretical physicist
Stephen Hawking, who believed that quite possibly aliens
here so refuel with energy, and do it, as they say,
walking, flying past our luminaries on their business.

However, skeptics have a completely different opinion, many of them believe
that aliens can only be humanoids comparable to us,
and by all means biological creatures. It is clear that similar
aliens just can’t fly on some giant
�”Petrol stations” to the Sun.

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